BNG The next production
Our show for 2019

Following on from our sell-out and highly acclaimed performances of Les Miserables School Edition, we will be returning to The Haymarket theatre in July 2019 to perform an exciting, fun, lively and colourful musical that will have you dancing in your seats.  The big unveil will be very soon, so watch this space!

BNG Glee Club
Starting 6th September 7:30pm - 9pm

A Glee Club is ” a group organised to sing together, often at a school or university”  (Cambridge English Dictionary).  We are also combining this with the addition of playing musical instruments, as we know how multi-talented many of our Next Genners who have performed with us to date are!  

Initially meeting fortnightly through to October, then weekly, the Glee Club welcomes those aged 11 – 16 (ie attending Secondary School).  Led by Rachel Glover, who has been our fabulous Musical Director for the majority of our productions and also MD for several BATS productions, including Sister Act for which she received a Southern Echo Curtain Call Award.  She will be joined from November by Tori Eglin, who has been Assistant MD for three of our shows.

The Glee Club will meet at Market Chambers, 2 Church Street Basingstoke RG21 7QE.

For more information, and to reserve your place, please email the secretary or complete the registration form and send to the secretary at before the Tuesday of your  chosen first session.  Poster

Registration form
Privacy Policy

Following the introduction of GDPR in March earlier this year, BATS Next Gen have issued their privacy policy in accordance with data protection and data use.  We have always taken personal information security very seriously so this is just putting into writing our actual policy and procedures.

Privacy Policy
NODA Long Service Awards

At the AGM held at Market Chambers on July 10th, Kay Rowan, the NODA SE Regional Councillor, presented the following with Long Service Awards for Services to Amateur Theatre and BATS Next Gen in particular:

Back Row:  Rachel Glover (15 years), Fiona Morgans (10 years), Sandie Thomson (15 years), Teresa Hollingshead (10 years) Sally Manning (15 years)

Front Row:  Elain Burchell (15 years), Kay Rowan, Ian ‘Spud’ Smith (15 years)


The new committee was also elected for the coming year.  It is comprised of:

Fiona Morgans (Chair)

Sandie Thomson (Secretary)

Elain Burchell (Treasurer)

Committee Members:  Rachel Glover, Ian ‘Spud’ Smith, Teresa Hollingshead, Marie White, Lesley Rust, Tori Eglin

Co-opted Members:  Sally Manning, Kristi Hibbard Jenkins.NODA Long Service Awards July 18

A video introduction to BATS Next Gen - with thanks to Dominic Rae

Important Dates


  • 6th September 2018 – BNG Glee club starts.  Contact us for more details!
  • 7th September 2018 – Les Miserables DVD night.
  • 25th July – 27th July 2019 – BATS Next Gen show at The Haymarket, Basingstoke.  Watch for the big announcement!