Children who had appeared as the Von Trappe family in Basingstoke Amateur Theatrical Society (BATS)’ 2001 production of The Sound of Music had appealed for BATS to have a junior company, as there was no affordable musical theatre for children in Basingstoke at that time. And so BATS Next Gen was formed in January 2002.

The original committee met for the first time on the 15th January 2002. It comprised of Jenny Humberstone (Chair), Chris Bale (Vice-Chair), Mandy Shallow (Secretary), Sandie Thomson (Treasurer), Caroline Bale, Caroline Crawford, Alison Allen, Caroline Daly and Sarah Barrow who were some of the parents of children in the Sound of Music.

  • Our age range is 7 (first year at Junior School) to 18 (last year at 6th Form College) but sometimes we have to restrict the age-range depending on the show we are performing.
  • Now based at Market Chambers Performers Together in the centre of Basingstoke, we rehearse weekly during term time and usually perform once a year; sometimes more!
  • We audition for every show performed – different shows need different skills and no one is selected as a principal player just because they have been before. We usually run pre-audition workshops, so children know what the show is about, who the characters are and work on the audition pieces before the audition, so the only people scared and nervous on the big day are the people on the audition panel!
  • Our fees for 2022 are £100 for full company members for approximately 7 months of  weekly (term-time) rehearsals.


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Here we celebrate successes, both theatrically and academically, of current and past performers. If you are a past performer with BATS Next Gen and would like to celebrate your success and achievements with us, or let us know what you are now doing in the adult world, please contact the secretary. We would love to hear from you! Don’t forget our invites to your red carpet event!


Max Harwood Max plays ' Jamie New' in the film adaptation of Everybody's Talking About Jamie, working alongside Richard E Grant and Sarah Lancashire. The film is due to be released on the 26th February 2021 in cinemas. Max was chosen out of 3500 auditionees to play the part.
Shiv Rabheru Shiv became Resident Director of the West End Production of 'Everybody's Talking About Jamie' in July 2021. He also makes an appearance in the film version of the musical
Max Harwood Max will make his film debut playing the lead character, 'Jamie New' in 'Everybody's Talking About Jamie', which will be released via Amazon Studios on Friday 17th September.
Max Harwood Max's debut film, 'Everybody's Talking About Jamie' has been nominated for the BAFTA award for Outstanding Film (February 2022)


Luke Sayers has graduated from Kingsclere Performing Arts and will now start training at Urdang in London (July 2018)
Daisy Edmunds graduated from Kingsclere Performing Arts and will start a 3-year degree course in Musical Theatre at Italia Conti School in London (July 2018)
Hazel Baldwin Hazel started professional training at Arts Educational Centre, London for a 3 year degree course in Performing Arts in September 2018
Matt Roberts Matt joined Kingsclere Performing Arts in September 2018 to study a foundation course in Performing Arts
Katie Rust Katie successfully auditioned to study at Urdang Academy, and started in September.
Chloe Gill Chloe joined Kingsclere Performing Arts to study a foundation course in Performing Arts
Sophie Fleet Started studying at Urdang, London September 2019
Pip Simpson Started studying at East 15, London
Ryan Gaul Started studying at Read College, Reading September 2019
Spardha Kumar Sparda graduated as a Doctor and is now working at a local hospital (July 2021)
Alex Williams Alex starts his studies at Urdang in Performing Arts (September 2021)
Amy Miles Amy starts her studies at Urdang in Performing Arts (September 2021)


Harley Emmitt Harley has received a three year scholarship to study Performing Arts at Wilkes College, Swindon (April 2019)
Max Harwood Max was awarded a three-year scholarship to study at Urdang, London (2018)
Nick Brannam Nick has joined forces with other well-known creative directors to form Triple Threat Theatre. The society is based at Market Chambers Performers Together and offers dance.acting an singin lessons to all aged 16 and over