Les Miserables School Edition

Performed on: 12th - 14th April 2018
Directed By: Gary J Myers
Musical Direction By: Simon Eastwood


Directed By: Gary J Myers
Musical Direction By: Simon Eastwood
Assistant Musical Directors: Tori Eglin
Choreographed By: Gary J Myers
Assistants: Debbie Hemmings - Assistant Dance Captain - Jade Hollingshead
Costumes Designed By: Teresa Hollingshead
Costumes By: Teresa Hollingshead, Nicola Sanvoisin, Rachel Neilson, Elain Burchell, Ann Conquest
Stage Managed By: Colin Webb - Stage Manager. Deputy Stage Manager - John Eddie
Sets Designed By: Scenery by Scenic
Props By: Owen White, Marie White and Steve Rust
Sound By: Daniel Paine of Spin Audio
Lighting By: M3 Productions
Publicity Handled By: Sandie Thomson, Kristi Hibbard Jenkins

Jane Warwick, Ann Conquest, Mel Griffith, Claire Knop, Carol Joice, Sarah Kahr, Kristi Hibbard Jenkins, Alison Wall, Carrie Kinge, Christine Alsford, Elain Burchell, Fiona Morgans, Rachel Neilson, Nicola Sanvoisin, Rachel Glover, Tori Eglin, Jade Hollingshead, Sally Manning, Ellie Abley, Claire Hastings, Mikki Gaimster, Lora Savage

Stage Crew:

Nicki Hawkins, Stu Baker, Bambi, Peter Gaul, Spud Smith, Steve Brannam, Mike Sanvoisin, Darren James, Roy Hastings, Chris Burchell, Sharon Watson,

The Band:

Conductor – Simon Eastwood
Vicki Stapleton – violin
Zack Stephens – violin
Helen Jarman – viola
Victoria Benjamin – cello
Bethany Miles – flute, clarinet & saxophone
Clive Evans – oboe and cor anglais
Mark Knight – trumpet
Rachel Wood – trumpet
Ian Hooper – horn
Nick Kershaw – trombone
Tim Newbury – keyboard
Jamie Cole – keyboard
Simon Barnard – guitars
Sam Tookey – bass guitar
Colin Grey – percussion


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Show Manager – Marie White
Jude Ifould – Make up
Filming and show photography – Michael Pitts


Les Miserables School Edition
Performed entirely by students.


This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe)
All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI Europe


Jacob Marshall – Jean Valjean
Matt Roberts – Javert
Sienna Hughes – Fantine
Charlie Steggall – Marius
Tori Lowther – Eponine
Chloe Gill – Cosette
Enjolras – Harley Emmitt
Thenardier – Tom Sherry
Madame Thenardier – Bryony Westwood and Molly Abley
Little Cosette – Amelia Walton and Katy Yarnton
Gavroche – Ben Hastings and Thomas Conquest
Little Eponine – Shyla Schuster and Imogen Tickle
Bishop of Digne – Oliver Welch
Pimp – Owen White
Bambatabois – Alex Williams

Aidan Strachan, Alex Williams, Amy Miles, Ben Wall, Briony Hibbard Jenkins, Connor Stephens, Darcy Drummond, Eleanor Knop, Elin Shepherd, Ella Warwick, Ethan Bartlett, Henry Welldon, Jess Miller, Joe Kinge, Katie Conquest, Katie Rust, Lara Flux-Doble, Lauren Stephens, Leah White, Matt Neilson, Max Masters, Mia Kahr, Molly Montague, Oliver Welch, Olly Sanvoisin, Pip Simpson, Ryan Gaul, Sarah Merritt, Sophie McNey, Theo Gaimster, Tom Hejdeman.


What lovely locks - I'll give you all of 10 francs. IMG_8483

Avenue Q School Edition

Performed on: 23rd - 25th February 2017
Directed By: Sally Manning
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Sally Manning
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Musical Directors: Tori Eglin
Choreographed By: Nick Brannam
Assistants: Jade Hollingshead
Costumes By: Teresa Hollingshead
Stage Managed By: Ian 'Spud' Smith
Props By: Jo Fee and Marie White
Sound By: Spin Audio by Daniel Paine
Lighting By: The Haymarket
Publicity Handled By: Sandie Thomson Jade Hollingshead Nicola Sanvoisin

Marie White, Jo Fee, Teresa Hollingshead, Nicola Sanvoisin, Fiona Morgans, Sandie Thomson, Elain Burchell

Stage Crew:

Deputy Stage Manager – John Eddie
Crew: Colin Webb, Steve Brannam

The Band:

Rachel Glover – Musical Director
Anna O’Briend – Alto Sax. Clarinet, Flute
Simon Barnard – Guitars
Jonathan Williams – Bass
Colin Grey – Drums and Percussion
Siobhan Smith – Keyboard
Simon Eastwood – Keyboard


Avenue Q School Edition
Music and Lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Book by Jeff Whitty
Based on an original concept by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx

Originally produced on Broadway by
Kevin McCallum, Robyn Goodman, Jeffery Seller
Vineyard Theatre and The New Group

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe). All authorised performance mattiers are also supplied by MTI Europe


Princeton – Luke Sayers
Kate Monster – Hazel Baldwin
Nicky – James Davies
Rod – Ollie Johnson
Brian – Owen White
Christmas Eve – Beth McKinnon
Trekkie Monster – Matt Roberts
Gary Coleman – Leah White
Lucy – Abi Bastin
Bad Idea Bears – Hattie Brannam and Daisy Edmunds
Mrs T – Hattie Brannam
Additional Principal – Ryan Hawkes
Ensemble – Aimee Fee, Ben Hastings, Charlotte Schooling, Briony Hibbard Jenkins, Darcy Drummond,
Eleanor Knop, Ella Warwick, Ellie Openshaw, Ellie Rampton, Ethan Bartlett, Holly Rust, Jess Miller,
Katie Rust, Lucy McFee, Matt Neilson, Mia Kahr, Olly Sanvoisin, Sam Strange, Sasha Pankhurst,
Shyla Schuster


AVENUE Q SCHOOL EDITION is a laugh-out-loud musical that tells the timeless story of a
recent college grad named Princeton who moves into a shabby New York apartment all the way
out on Avenue Q. He soon discovers that although the residents seem nice, it’s clear that this is
not your ordinary neighbourhood. Together, Princeton and his new-found friends struggle to find
jobs, dates, and their ever-elusive purpose in life.

Because the original AVENUE Q has some content elements that are not suitable to be
performed by young people, the authors have created an adaptation that maintains the dramatic
intention and integrity of the piece, while editing it to make it more appropriate for the age of our


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Performed on: 29th - 31st October 2015
Directed By: Nick Brannam
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Nick Brannam
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Directors: Sally Manning
Assistant Musical Directors: Tori Eglin
Choreographed By: Nick Brannam
Assistants: Jade Hollingshead
Costumes Designed By: Teresa Hollingshead
Costumes By: Teresa Hollingshead, Lesley Rust, Nicola Sanvoisin and Sandie Thomson
Stage Managed By: Nick Horsey
Props By: Steve Brannam and Chris Burchell
Sound By: Daniel Paine
Lighting By: Viking Lighting
Publicity Handled By: Sandie Thomson Karen Winterbottom Rachel Winter Marie White Jo Fee

Child Protection Officer – Sally Manning

Stage Crew:

Rachel Winter Steve Brannam


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Front of house manager: Helen Wood


Lyrics by Tim Rice. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
An Amateur youth production by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Litd


The play opens with the Narrator finding an old book, picking it up, blowing off the dust, and starting to read. The story she relates is of a young dreamer, a man named Joseph—the same Joseph whose story is told in the Book of Genesis.

Joseph was born into a family of twelve boys, all the sons of Jacob. Joseph is Jacob’s favorite son, and, to show everyone that he is pleased with him, Jacob gives Joseph a splendid multi-colored coat. However, this coat, along with Joseph’s talk of dreams he has had showing he will be the ruler of his brothers, arouse the jealousy of the other eleven. They decide to kill him, but before they get the chance, they meet up with the group of Ishmaelites traveling to Egypt. A plan is hatched, and they sell their brother as a slave instead.

So Joseph is taken off to Egypt, and his brothers return to tell their father that his favorite son is dead, producing his wonderful coat — which they have stained with the blood of a goat — as proof.

Potiphar, a powerful man in Egypt, takes Joseph into his household as a slave. While there Joseph works so hard and is so honest, that Potiphar begins to admire him greatly. Unfortunately, he also catches the eye of his master’s wife, who tries to seduce him. When Potiphar catches them together, he assumes the worst (even though Joseph is innocent) and sends Joseph to prison. While there Joseph meets two of Pharaoh’s servants, a butler and a baker, both of whom have had strange dreams. Joseph interprets their dreams, correctly telling their future.

In the meantime, Pharaoh, the most powerful man in Egypt, has also been having unusual dreams. No one can interpret these dreams, so Pharaoh is intrigued when he hears of the young slave’s ability. He immediately has Joseph brought before him to interpret his dreams.

Joseph offers his interpretation, that seven years of bounty will be followed by seven years of famine, and Pharaoh is so impressed that he appoints Joseph to a post in the government. He will be in charge of storing food for the upcoming hard times.

When the famine does hit, Joseph’s father and brothers in Canaan are ill-prepared. They hear that there is food available in Egypt, so the brothers travel there to beg for assistance. Once there, they are brought before Joseph who recognizes them immediately even though they do not know him. He tests their honesty and humility by planting a golden chalice in the sack of his brother, Benjamin, to see what they will say. When confronted with the supposed evidence of theft, the brothers maintain the boy’s innocence and offer to let themselves be taken prisoner instead.

Joseph sees that his brothers have changed, so, to everyone’s great joy, he reveals his true identity. Finally, Jacob is brought to Egypt to join his family and to again see his beloved son at last.


Fawkes the Quiet Guy

Performed on: 7th and 8th November 2014
Directed By: Fiona Morgans and Elain Halloway
Musical Direction By: Charles Withall


Directed By: Fiona Morgans and Elain Halloway
Musical Direction By: Charles Withall
Choreographed By: Kayleigh Halloway and Emily Williams
Assistants: Tori Eglin and Jade Hollingshead
Costumes Designed By: Teresa Hollingshead
Costumes By: BATS Next Gen own
Stage Managed By: Elain Halloway
Sets Designed By: Chris Burchell
Props By: Chris Burchell, Elain Halloway and Sandie Thomson
Sound By: Central Studio, Toyah Hollingshead and Rachel Glover.
Lighting By: Central Studio team
Publicity Handled By: Rachel Glover

Sandie Thomson, Lesley Rust, Jo Fee, Marie White. Ann Conquest, Rachel Glover, Karen Winterbottom, Mel Griffiths, Sally Manning and Laura Openshaw

Stage Crew:

Chris Burchell and Rachel Winter

The Band:

Chris Cooper – Bass
Charles Withall – Keyboards
Patrik Toobe – Guitar
Keira Browne – Drums


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Hannah Williams
Joanne Mace of Basingstoke Gazette
Ross Harvie, Andy Murphy and Proteus Theatre group
Daniel Paine for drum loan and sound advice
Steve Havers
The Rotary Club of Basingstoke Deane
Steph Messingham, Ryan Messer and team at Central Studio
Chris Burchell for set building
Rachel Glover for providing ‘Guy’
The band members for their time and talent
Teresa Hollingshead for sourcing and putting together all the costumes.
The parents of our wonderful cast for having such lovely, talented children and for all their patience whilst waiting for their offspring to finally leave the rehearsal space after each rehearsal!


Performed in association with Samuel French Limited


Eleanor Winterbottom – Miss Catherine Wheel
Sean Granahan – Robert Catesby
Seppe Agozzino – King James
Ellie Rampton – Sir Robert Cecil
Emily Williams – Sir Walter Raleigh
Eloise Wood – Dorothy
Ollie Read – King’s Groom
Ben Bateman – Lord Mounteagle

Alice Stephens – Chris Wright/Matthew
Riannah Barry – John Wright/Eunice
Molly Montague – Thomas Percy
Aurelia Abbotts – Ambrose Rookwood/Queen Anne
Aimee Fee – Robert Wintour
Zoe Ryan – Thomas Wintour
Leah White – John Grant
Charlotte Keenan – Everard Digby
India Morgan – Robert Keyes
Ethan Bartlett – Thomas Bates/Father Henry Garnet
Holly Rust – Francis Thresham/Sir William Waad

Isobel Muchinenyika – Maggie/Jackie
Katie Rust – Jenny/Alice
Ruby McGivern – Beth/Mary
Ellie Openshaw – Molly/Jane
Darcy Drummond – Denise

Daisy Blackburn – Mrs Fawkes
Emma Keenan – Mrs Percy
Rebecca Hamer – Mrs Wright

Katie Conquest – Oliver Cromwell/ Sir Robert Walsh


“Fawkes” tells the story of the 1605 gunpowder plot. Most people will know how a gang tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament, and how Guy Fawkes was caught. Following days of ghastly interrogation the gang were all rounded up and executed. Actually, the plot was far more sinister than that and makes for a thrilling whodunnit involving spies, sabotage and someone being walled up alive! The show is set in Catesby’s Cabaret Club with the outrageous hostess Miss Catherine Wheel. Even if the club didn’t exist, everything in it did actually happen right up to the explosive finale!


CATS Youth Group Production

Performed on: 20th - 22nd February 2014
Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Charles Withall


Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Charles Withall
Assistant Directors: Sharon Westwood
Choreographed By: Kayleigh Halloway
Assistants: Lydia Thomson and Jade Hollinghead - Assistant choreographers
Costumes Designed By: Teresa Hollingshead, Fiona Morgans and Jude Ifould
Costumes By: Teresa Hollingshead, Fiona Morgans, Jude Ifould, Rachel Phillips and Sandie Thomson
Stage Managed By: Elain Halloway
Sets Designed By: Ciara Baron
Sound By: Daniel Paine
Lighting By: Ayden Harvey
Publicity Handled By: Rachel Phillips and Danielle Ashby

Fiona Morgans, Teresa Hollingshead, Rachel Phillips, Jade Hollingshead, Claire McGrane, Connie Pearce,
Sandie Thomson and Rachel Glover

Stage Crew:

Rachel Winter
Chris Burchell
Sally Manning

Front of House:
Manager – Rachel Phillips
Team – Ruth Pink, Melanie Griffiths, Chris Snazell, Nicola Sanvoisin, Jayne John, Michelle Medalla,
Wendy Blackall, Laura Openshaw, Michelle Maidment, Karen Baldwin, Karen Winterbottom, Carol Granahan,
Andy Stephens, Jenny Trinder, Claire McGrane
Bar Manager – John Carroll

Hair and Make up provided by students of Basingstoke College of Technology:
Danielle Bailey, Tanya Breakspar, Clara Casey, Lucy Dewhurst, Brooke Gore, Amber Hards,
Lauren Kimber, Beth Palmer, Alice Porter, Jessica Read, Natasha Saker, Louise Scanlan,
Grace Schofield, Katie Slade, Louisa Trueman, Hayley Wakefield and Katie Wilcox

The Band:

Conductor/keyboard – Charles Withall
Keyboard 1 – Siobhan Smith
Keyboard 2 – Rohin Dale
Keyboard 3 – Daniel Evans
Guitar – Steven Sellars
Bass – Jack Sunaway
Drums – Kiera Browne
Horn – Aussie Pepper
Clarinet/Sax – Jamie Cole
Flute – Hannah Brown
Cello – Cathy Mason


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Hannah Williams
Jude Ifould and BATS
Joanne Mace of Basingstoke Gazette
Ross Harvie, Michael Johnson and staff at Proteus Creation Space
Steve Havers
Steph Monger at Central Studio
Fort Hill Community College for tiered seating
Charlie McGregor for printing
Angela Neal and Staff at Queen Mary’s College
Lauren Crowther for lending musical instruments
Chris Burchell and Mal Thomson for set building
Tanya Schipelbaum, principal of Basingstoke Academy of Dancing
The Rotary Club of Basingstoke Deane
Karen Hutchinson and Maggie Morgans for knitting
St Michael’s Hospice
Woking and Sam Bear Hospices
Festival Place, Basingstoke


Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Based on ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ by T.S Eliot

A youth Group production by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd

Orchestrations by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Original production by Cameron Mackintosh and The Really Useful Group Ltd.

‘Prologue – Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats’ additional material written by Trevor Nunn and Richard Stilgoe
‘Memory’ additional material written by Trevor Nunn


Admetus – Gemma Case
Asparagus/Growltiger – Connor McGrane
Ariel – Katie Rust
Artemis – Alice Stephens
Athena – Zoe Blackall
Aurora – Ellie Abley
Belle – Ellie Openshaw
Bodica – Morgan Sadler
Bombalurina – Rachel Potter
Bustopher Jones – Robert Snazell
Buttons – Olly Sanvoisin
Carbuckety – Sean Granahan
Sassandra – Tash Jacobs
Cinders – Darcy Drummond
Coricopat – Jack Baldwin
Demeter – Kate Pink
Deuteronomy – Josh Wilks
Ectectra – Alice Hatton
Ghenghis – James Davies
Griddlebone – Lily Fowler
Grizabella – Alyssa Medalla
Jazzy – Aimee Fee
Jellyorum – Jess Phillips
Jemima – Lucy John
Jennyanydots – Hattie Brannam
Juliana – Laura Murphy
Juno – Jessica Pearce Stone
Macavity – Jack Trinder
Medusa – Francesca James
Mr Mistofelees – Harry Hall
Mungojerrie – Austen Champion
Munkustrap – Joe Alexander
Punzie – Abbie Mia Sadler
Pouncival – Eleanor Winterbottom
Rumpus Cat – Kayleigh Welton
Rumpleteaser – Rhianon Mone
Rum Tum Tugger – Max Harwood
Skimbleshanks – Will Maidment
Syllabub – Rhiannon Lee
Tantomile – Hazel Baldwin
Tinks – Katie Westwood
Tumbelina – Ellie Mavronicholas
Victoria – Georgie McGuigan
Virginia – Emily Williams
Wilhelmina – Bryony Westwood


It’s the night of the Jellicle Ball. The cat clan has gathered for the annual event at which the revered elder Old Deuteronomy chooses the most deserving cat to ascend with him for a heavenly reward. The cats have gathered, and one by one, we learn about their personalities, exactly as T. S. Eliot portrayed them in his book of poems. Jennyanydots, Cassandra, Bombalurina, and Jellylorum are the first to strut their stuff. They welcome Rum Turn Tugger, a rock-star-idol type of cat, creating just the right mood for the arrival of Grizabella, the Glamour Cat. She is an aging beauty who has roamed some of the lowest alleys.

The younger felines mock and avoid her. Bustopher Jones, mature and well-rounded, catches everyone’s eye with his natty clothes and well-groomed look. Mungojerrie and Rumple teazer, two mischievous, fun-loving cats, provide a light moment before Old Deuteronomy arrives and sets a more serious tone for the ball. Barred from the festivities, Grizabella reflects on her memory of happier times and the new life that could be ahead. Also on the sidelines, Gus the Theatre Cat finds fault with the lack of dedication he perceives in today’s actors and reminisces about some of his finest roles. In Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat, we find great pride and commitment in doing the rela tively small job of keeping a single train on schedule. Macavity, the “fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity,” is talked about in hushed voices. “Was there ever a cat so clever as magical Mr. Mistoffelees?” Yes, and much to the delight of all he bursts upon the scene. Still it is Grizabella that demonstrates the greatest depth of character and need. She is chosen to accompany Old Deuteronomy on this year’s accension “up, up, up, past the Russell Hotel. Up, up, up to the Heaviside layer.”

Before their departure Old Deuteronomy summarizes Eliot’s lifelong passion for paralleling catlike names and attributes to people he had observed:

“You’ve heard of several kinds of cat, And my opinion now is that You should need no interpreter To understand our character. You’ve learned enough to take the view That cats are very much like you.”


RENT School Edition

Performed on: 21st - 23rd February 2013
Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Charles Withall


Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Charles Withall
Assistant Directors: Sharon Westwood
Choreographed By: Kayleigh Halloway
Assistants: Sally Manning
Costumes Designed By: Teresa Hollingshead and Fiona Morgans
Costumes By: BATS Next Gen and BATS
Stage Managed By: Elain Halloway
Sound By: Daniel Paine
Lighting By: Ayden Harvey
Publicity Handled By: Ian 'Spud' Smith

Sandie Thomson, Nadine Egan, Richard Bond, Ian ‘Spud’ Smith, Teresa Hollingshead, Sally Manning, Rachel Glover, Sharon Westwood

Stage Crew:

Rachel Winter, Sharon Westwood, Richard Cox

Hair/Make-up – Lois North

Front of House:
Manager – Helen Wood
Team: Karen McKenzie, Sandra Scregg, Sharon Dover, Chris Snazell, Sandra Brennan, Karen Winterbottom,
Claire McGrane, Jane Fraser, Ruth Pink, Carol Granahan, Petra Read and Mark Goldsmith

Cast Photos – Paul Westwood and Emma Jahovic

The Band:

Charles Withall – Keyboards
Jamie Cole – Keyboard 2
Steven Seller – Guitar
Stu Curry – Bass Guitar
Kiera Browne – Drums


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Hannah Williams
Joanne Mace of Basingstoke Gazette
Steve Havers
Staff at Queen Mary’s College
Fort Hill Community College for tiered seating
Chris Burchell and Mal Thomson for set-making
Teresa Hollingshead for wonderful cakes at Sunday rehearsals
Parents and guardians of this wonderfully talented cast.


Book, Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Larson
Musical Arrangements by Steve Skinner
Original Concept and Additional Lyrics by Billy Aronson
Music Supervision and Additional Arrangements by Tim Weil
Dramaturg by Lynn Thomson

This amateur production is performed by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited on behalf of Music Theatre International of New York


Max Harwoood – Roger Davies
Craig McKenzie – Mark Cohen
Josh Wilks – Tom Collins
Will Maidment – Angel Dumott Schunard
Kate Pink – Mimi Marquez
Jess Phillips – Maureen Johnson
Alyssa Medalla – Joanne Jefferson
Connor McGrane – Benjamin Coffin III

Alex Shutler – Homeless person
Conor Egan – The Man
Austen Champion – Restaurant man
Ed Jeffery – Mr Grey
Sheanne Botha – Mrs Cohen
Louise Dover – Mrs Davies
Ollie Read – Mr Jefferson
Hannah Scregg – Mrs Jefferson
Rhianon Mone – Mimi’s mum
Rachel Potter – Alexi Darling
Sean Granahan – Blanket person

Company – Junkies, Homeless Persons, Prostitutes, Police:
Alice Stephens, Bryony Westwood, Cy Brennan-Phillips, Eleanor Winterbottom,
Ellen Granahan, Ellie Fraser, Ellie Abley, Eloise Wood, Gemma Case, Kai Hendren
Lucy John, Jack Trinder, Robert Snazell


Jonathan Larson’s revolutionary rock opera is a love story set in the artistic community of New York in the late 1990s. Against the gritty backdrop of the East Village, a group of bohemians strive for success and acceptance whilst enduring the obstacles of poverty, illness and the AIDs epidemic. Inspired by Puccini’s classic opera “La Boheme”, “RENT” won many awards, including the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and four Tony awards. BATS Next Gen’s production has been adapted from the original version performed on Broadway and in the West End so that it is appropriate for all ages.

Christmas Eve. Mark and Roger share a flat in Lower East Side of New York. Mark has recently split from Maureen after she left him for Joanne. Their friend, Collins, is mugged whilst waiting to get into the building, and is helped by Angel. They start a relationship, and realise both are HIV Positive.

Roger has been trying to write his one great song since he found out he was HIV+, and is interrupted by his neighbour, Mimi, who is an exotic dancer, looking for a light for her candle.

Roger and Mark’s ex-flatmate, Benny, is after the rent for the past three years. He wants the building next dood for a cyberarts studio, but blackmails them into allowing them to stay rent free if they will stop Roger’s ex-girlfriend’s protest. They refuse. Mark leaves to help Maureen and meets Joanne, her new lover. They become friends and share experiences about being with Maureen.

Whilts watching Maureen’s protest over the eviction of homeless and the loss of her own performance space, Benny padlocks Mark and Roger’s apartment and a riot ensues. Mark films the riots. Roger finds outs that Mimi is HIV+ too.

New Year’s eve and everyone decides that the best way to measure a year is to measure it in love (Seasons of Love).

Alexi Darling contacts Mark – she has seen the film footage of the riots and offers him a contract.

Angel dies.

Left alone, Mark and Roger contemplate their lives. Roger realises he has distances himself from Mimi as he does not want to watch her die. Mark quits his job. Roger gets the inspiration for his song, and Mark for his film.

Christmas Eve again, and Mark has made his film and Roger has written his song. Maureen and Joanne arrive, carrying Mimi who is dying. She finally tells Roger she loves him. Roger sings his song to her and tells her he loves her too as she appears to die – however, Angel has been looking out for her and tells her to go back to life.

The community reaffirns that there is ‘No day but today’


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London 2012 - The Final Hurdle

Performed on: 27th May 2012
Directed By: Fiona Morgans and Rachel Glover
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Fiona Morgans and Rachel Glover
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Choreographed By: Georgie and Connie McGuigan

Sharon Westwood


Written by Rachel Glover and Fiona Morgans


Freddie Betts – Mayor Boris Johnson
Cloe Barber – Lord Sebastian Coe
Billy Rham – Tom Daley
Amy Smith – Karen – Olympic Organiser
Ellie Openshaw – Olympic helper
Ellen Rham – Olympic helper
Katie Westwood – Claire Balding
Grace Clark – Kate – Stadium Reporter
Jasmine Rampton – Ant
Jessica Hamilton – Dec
Jessica Pearce Stone – Scout Leader
Molly Abley – Sally Pearson


The Olympics are almost upon us, but there has been a disaster. Greece has issued a huge bill for ‘performing rights’ and Mayor Boris Johnson needs to pay it or cancel the Olympics, so Lord Coe needs to make some cutbacks.

Can the Olympic Committee overcome this ‘final hurdle’ and bring in the Olympic extravaganza of their dreams, including the spectacular Opening and Closing Ceremony the world has been waiting for?


Our House

Performed on: 26th - 29th October 2011
Directed By: Ian 'Spud' Smith
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Ian 'Spud' Smith
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Directors: Richard Bond Sharon Westwood
Choreographed By: Kayla Ferris
Costumes Designed By: Teresa Hollingshead and Fiona Morgans
Costumes By: BATS Next Gen and BATS
Stage Managed By: Steve Brannam
Sound By: Daniel Paine
Lighting By: Ayden Harvey
Publicity Handled By: Petra Read Sandie Thomson

Sharon Westwood, Elain Halloway, Sandie Thomson, Teresa Hollingshead, Fiona Morgans, Sally Manning, Lydie Bach, Kayla Ferris

Stage Crew:

Colin Earles and Devon Earles

Follow -on Spot – Luke Mitchell and Alex Jones
Tom Isted’s dresser – Nick Brannam and Richard Bond
Hair and Make-up – Kayla Ferris and Lois North
Front of House:
Manager – Helen Wood
Team – Carol Granahan, Mark Granahan, Petra Read
Cast photos – Nadine Egan and Ali Moynihan

The Band:

Tenor Sax/Flute/Clarinet – Shevaughan Beere
Trumpet/Fugelhorn – Liz Hinton and Lawrence Warburton
Drums – Colin Gray
Bass – Dave Glover
Guitar – Simon Barnard
Keyboard – Simon Eastwood
Keyboard – Rachel Glover


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Hannah Williams
Joanne Mace of Basingstoke Gazette
Staff at Spotlight Centre, Alworth College and Queen Mary’s College
Fort Hill College for tiered seating
Steve Havers
Di Annakin of BATS
Maggie Morgans and Sally Baker
Jon Knight of Basingstoke Metal Finishes for help with the car


Book by Tim Firth
Music and Lyrics by Madness

Our House was first produced at The Cambridge Theatre, London on 28th October 2003.
Producers were Tiger Aspect Productions, Rupert Lord, Andre Ptaszynski and Phil McIntyre in association wtih Madness.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.


Joe Casey – Tom Isted
Sarah – Dion Hunter
Joe’s Dad – Josh Wilks
Kath Casey – Alex Shutler
Lewis – Joe Alexander
Emmo – Craig McKenzie
Billie – Lily Keep
Angie – Jade Hollingshead
Reecey – George Hinson
Mr Pressman – Toby Richardson
Callum – Matt McAuley

James Pemberton – Priest/Mr Jesmond
Oliver Read – Judge/Bartender Dave
Emma Comer – Council Solicitor/Security Guard
Conor Egan – Ray/Shabby Uncle
Jess Phillips – Schoolgirl #1/Aunt
Annabel Pemberton – Security Guard/Joe’s Solicitor
Jamie Cole – London Alarms Boss/Copper #3/Grandad/Harper
Rhianon Mone – Clerk/Stallholder
Olivia Wicks – Massey
Max Harwood – Boatman/Posh Salesman
Emily Marshall – Julie/Smith/Copper #1
Georgie McGuigan – Nun/Sales Rep
Hannah Scregg – Youth Custody Officer/Careers Officer
Spardha Kumar – Schoolgirl #2/Clown
Eloise Wood – Copper #2
Rachel Potter – Mrs Pressman/Heather/Neighbour
Lily Fowler – Barrister/Stallholder
Lydia Moynihan – Small Time Lawyer
Ellen Granahan – Neighbour
Ellie Fraser – Neighbour
Tegan Hopgood – Neighbour
Alice Stephens – Sales Rep
Ashna Rabheru – Sales Rep
Hattie Brannam – Sales Rep
Morgan Sadler – Sales Rep


On the night of his 16th birthday, Joe Casey takes Sarah, the girl of his dreams, out on their first date. Trying to impress her with his bravado, he breaks into a building site overlooking his home on Casey Street. The police turn up, at which point Joe’s life splits into two: Good Joe gives himself up; Bad Joe flees the scene.

Good Joe is sent to a correctional facility for 2 years. On his release, he finds his criminal record prevents him from getting a good job and he struggles to make ends meet. He convinces himself he is an embarrassment to his family, friends and neighbours, but especially to Sarah. Sarah is now at university studying law, with a different lifestyle and a new boyfriend called Callum. In an effort to keep up with his love rival, Joe is enticed by his old school friend, Reecey, into staging a break-in for easy money. Joe is caught, and sent to prison again.

Bad Joe has lost Sarah but is making a successful career in security systems; however, he is also passing information on how to breach those systems to his lowlife ‘mate’ Reecey. His efforts soon earn him enough money to start his own property development business and he swans back into Sarah’s life, sweeping her off her feet at the University Ball. Joe’s success also attracts the attention of Mr Pressman, a businessman whose building site Joe broke into on his 16th birthday. Joe and Sarah get married in Las Vegas.

Three years later, Good Joe is now sleeping rough. At this point, both Good and Bad Joes’ lives start to collide. Mr Pressman decides to redevelop Camden by demolishing Casey Street, but Joe’s mum Kath refuses to leave. Good Joe decides to save the house. He calls on Sarah, now a trainee lawyer and engaged to Callum, to help him prove that Kath does indeed own 25 Casey Street. Bad Joe is employed by Mr Pressman to destroy the street by using strong tactics to frighten Kath and get her to move out. He arranges for Reecey to burn the house down whilst she is out celebrating her birthday. However, Kath does not go out – she waits inside for her son, Joe – and dies tragically in the fire. Good Joe, having found the deeds, rushes to the house and saves Kath from the fire – Bad Joe returns too late and discovers that his mum was waiting inside for him.

Good Joe reunites with Sarah and they marry. He is also reconciled with his mum. Mr Pressman and Reecey are sent to prison for arson.
Bad Joe loses Sarah when she realises the part he played in his mother’s death. He is sent down as an accomplice to manslaughter. In the final scene of the show, we return to where it all started; the moment of Joe’s decision on his 16th birthday, however this time, when asked by Sarah what he wants to do, he replies “Let’s go dancing!”.


IMG_3052 IMG_3050 IMG_3004 Tomorrow is just another day Joe Emmo and Lewis Driving in my car Billie Sarah and Angie Baggy Trousers for Gazette

Vampires From Space

Directed By: Richard Cox


Directed By: Richard Cox
Assistant Directors: Sharon Westwood
Choreographed By: Kayleigh Halloway
Stage Managed By: Elain Halloway
Sets Designed By: Mal Thomson
Sound By: Daniel Paine
Lighting By: Ayden Harvey
Publicity Handled By: Sandie Thomson

The Band:

Bass – Stu Curry
Guitar – Dave Glover
Keyboard – Rachel Glover


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

“Human Choreography” by Jade Hollingshead and Olivia Wilks

Hair/Makeup – Kayleigh Halloway, Charlotte Emery, Lucy Nicholson, Lauren Brownhill


Joe Alexander – Micky Dean
Lily Keep – Ms Harcourt
Laura Collier – Kathy Blue
Max Harwood – Chippie
Emily Marshall – Piper
Josh Wilks – Bill
Jamie Cole – Edward Cullen
Hannah Scregg – Ms Prentiss
George Hinson – Mr Baker
Alyssa Medalla – Bella
Craig McKenzie – Jacob
Jessica Philips – Stephanie
Jade Hollingshead – Shirley Knott
James Pemberton – Grimbling
Mike Jones – Mr Dean
Georgie McGuigan – Mrs Dean
Spardha Kumar – Ms Renfield
Rachel Potter – Jennifer Eccles


Annabel Pemberton, Luke Sayers, Owen White, Louise Dover, Rosie Clarkson, Annie Crow, Shannon Gillick, Lily Kyle, Helena Mitchell, Niamh Murphy-Mauchline, Ellie Openshaw, Emily Sewell, Alice Stephens, Aidan West, Bryony Westwood, Lucy Williams, Eloise Wood, Lizzie Upton


Trueblood Academy; a school of excellence and skills. Mickey Dean arrives as a new pupil and quickly realises that all is not as it seems. The teachers and prefects are just a little bit strange. There are a lot of new buildings. Pupils keep disappearing. And why is attendance compulsory at the Special Ceremony being held in the Main Hall at 7pm tonight?

Assisted by his new friends Piper, Bill, Chippie and Kathy Blue, our hero finds out the awful truth about the intentions of Headmistress Ms Harcourt and her cohorts to take over the world. Summoning up all their courage, they fight the dastardly crew. Meanwhile, they are watched over by the mild-mannered caretaker, Grimbling and the dizzy new school secretary, Shirley Knott, who also have their eye on the teachers and the prefects, headed by Edward Cullen, who go to seek “their destiny”.




Directed By: Sally Manning
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Sally Manning
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Directors: Ian ' Spud' Smith
Choreographed By: Sharon Westwood, Lynne Bond, Kayla Halloway, Tom Harrop
Assistants: Richard Bond, Dawn Wylie
Costumes Designed By: Fiona Morgans, Richard Cox
Costumes By: Teresa Hollingshead, Fiona Morgans, Sandie Thomson with many thanks to Di Annikin (BATS)
Stage Managed By: Steve Brannam
Sets Designed By: Steve Brannam, Sarah Brown
Props By: Lydia Thomson
Sound By: Daniel Payne
Lighting By: M3
Publicity Handled By: Sue Lance

Sharon Westwood, Lynne Bond, Teresa Hollingshead, Sandie Thomson, Fiona Morgans


Based upon the New Line Cinema film, written and directed by John Waters.
Book by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan
Music by Marc Shaiman
Lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman
This amateur production is performed by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LIMITED on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of New York.


TRACY TURNBLAD – Emily Marshall
WILBUR TURNBLAD – James Pemberton
LINK LARKIN – Zak Shrapnell
PENNY PINGLETON – Rebecca Rideout
AMBER VON TUSSLE – Jade Hollingshead
SEAWEED – Jake Wilson
LITTLE INEZ – Alyssa Medalla
CORNY COLLINS – Harry Harwood

Nadine El-Amami, Olivia Wilks, Jasmine Tompkins

TAMMY- Vikki McAuley
IQ- George Hinson
BRENDA – Tori Eglin
FENDER – Max Harwood
LOU-ANN- Leah Nicholetts
BRAD – Austen Champion
SHELLEY- Niamh Mauchline
SKETCH- Jamie Cole

LORRAINE – Chantelle Wilson
GILBERT – Alex Mavronicholas
DUANE – Josh Wilks

SHIRLEY – Shannon Gillik
DENISE – Lydia Moynihan
FRANKIE – Lily Keep
MAGGIE – Dion Hunter
DUSTY – Bryony Anning
NANCY – Chloe Ballard
KATHY – Kimberley Leyendeckers


It’s early June, 1962, in blue-collar Baltimore. Surrounded by “45s” and teen magazines, Tracy Turnblad wakes up in her family’s apartment over the Har-De-Har Hut, her father, Wilbur’s jokeshop (GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE). Teenager Tracy is a large girl with a high hairdo, abundant joie de vivre and rhythm in every inch of her body. Her obsession is the Corny Collins TV show on WZZ1, the after-school dance program that has made stars out of THE NICEST KIDS IN TOWN. Everyday, Tracy and her shy best friend, Penny, rush to Tracy’s house right after school to learn the latest dances and moon over Link Larkin, the show’s resident dreamboat. Tracy’s mother, Edna, a hardworking woman of vast proportions and enormous heart, takes in laundry to make ends meet. Penny’s mother, Prudy Pingleton, disapproves of the “coloured” music, but to Edna, it’s just good old black-and-white TV.

On the Corny Collins Show, the reigning queen is the oh-so-perfect Amber Von Tussle, whose overbearing mother, Velma, happens to be producing the show. They are all excited about a coming nationwide prime-time event, Corny Collins Spectacular: Live from the Eventorium, sponsored by Ultra Clutch Hairspray. The girl on the show who gets the highest popularity rating will be crowned Miss Teenage Hairspray, and Amber wants that crown almost as much as Velma wants it for her. The daily show is segregated except for once a month, when Motormouth Maybelle co-hosts “Negro Day.” Velma complains that Corny spinning so much “race” music will lose them their sponsor, while Link asks Amber to go steady and gives her his Corny Collins Council ring. One of the girls on the show will be dropping out for a suspicious nine months, and auditions are announced for a replacement. Tracy and Penny are dying to go. Edna, Prudy and Velma each try to control their daughters, but the girls rebel (MAMA, I’M A BIG GIRL NOW).

Tracy and Penny are late for the audition, due to a “stupid bus crash”, but when Link bumps into Tracy, she hears a symphony (I CAN HEAR THE BELLS). The girls on the Council, led by Amber, pick Tracy apart, and Velma won’t even let her dance (THE LEGEND OF MISS BALTIMORE CRABS). Back in school and in detention again for outlandish hair-do, Tracy meets all the cool black kids in school, especially Seaweed, who teaches Tracy some fabulous moves that she uses at the Sophomore hop. DJ Corny Collins singles her out, and so does Link. All they had to do was see her dance. Next time we see her, she’s on the show. Over Amber’s objections, Link sings Tracy a love-song on the air on which Tracy brazenly joins in and they end it with a kiss (IT TAKES TWO). Not only does Tracy eclipse Amber, she also suggests that every day be “Negro Day” right on the air, much to Velma’s fury.

Tracy gets home to Edna, and the offers are pouring in. Mr. Pinky from The Hefty Hideaway wants her for his spokesgirl and “fashion effigy.” Tracy wants Edna as her agent, but Edna is reluctant to leave the house. Tracy insists she get with the decade. Thanks to Mr. Pinky, the Turnblads are transformed from frumps to fashion-icons, extra-large deluxe (WELCOME TO THE ’60s).

At school, Tracy is attacked by Amber in a game of dodgeball but Penny, Link and Seaweed come to her aid. Seaweed invites them all to a platter party at the record shop run by his mother, Motormouth Maybelle, in the black section of town. Tracy thinks that’s so cool, but Seaweed says not everyone sees it that way. At Motormouth Maybelle’s shop, Seaweed is joined by his sister, Li’l Inez (RUN AND TELL THAT!). Black kids and white kids are all dancing together when one by one, Amber, Velma, Edna and Wilbur arrive. Amber and Velma try to make Link leave with them, but he stays and they go. Tracy schemes with Maybelle to integrate the show, starting tomorrow on Mother-Daughter Day. Maybelle will bring Li’l Inez, with Tracy and Edna blocking the door behind them. Link chickens out, afraid that controversy will cost him his big break on the nationwide special, and he leaves. Tracy is heartbroken, but unwilling to back down. Edna feels she could never appear on camera at her current weight, but Maybelle insists that, like her, Edna is BIG, BLONDE AND BEAUTIFUL. Edna agrees, but as they reach the studio, their civil rights demonstration turns into a full-scale riot, and both protesters and protestees are loaded into a police paddy wagon.

Almost every woman in town is in jail, waiting to be sprung from THE BIG DOLLHOUSE. After Velma and Amber are pardoned, Wilbur posts bail for everyone else by mortgaging the Har-De-Har Hut. However, thanks to some legal shenanigans by the Von Tussles to keep her out of the Miss Teenage Hairspray contest, Tracy is moved to solitary “refinement” (GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE – REPRISE). Back at home, Wilbur is working on a giant joke can of hairspray, while Edna bewails Tracy’s fate as well as her own forgotten dreams of being a fabulous fashion designer. Even Mr. Pinky wants all his glamorous outfits back. She’s feeling old and worn-out. But Wilbur knows just what to say (TIMELESS TO ME).

Link slips into jail past a sleeping guard to whisper to Tracy through the bars of her cell that he’s through with Amber, who was just using him to look popular. He wants Tracy to be his girl and wear his Corny Collins Council ring. Meanwhile, Prudy’s mother has tied Penny up in her room, but Seaweed comes to set her free. Link cuts through the bars of Tracy’s cell with a blowtorch made from a can of hairspray and a Zippo lighter (WITHOUT LOVE).

They run to Motormouth Maybelle’s, where they plan their next move – the integration of the Miss Hairspray contest. Tracy is afraid of what it will cost her friends and family, but for Motormouth, it’s too late to turn back (I KNOW WHERE I’VE BEEN). At the Baltimore Eventorium, armed guards surround the Miss Teenage Hairspray spectacular, as Corny and The Council Members sing their big opening number, HAIRSPRAY. A scoreboard of votes for Miss Hairspray shows Amber and Tracy are neck-and-neck. A man wheels on a giant can of hairspray, but Velma recognises him as Wilbur and thinking this Trojan Horse houses his jailbird daughter, calls the riot police away from the entrance to guard it.

It’s time for the contestants’ new dance competition. Amber dedicates her number, COOTIES, to Tracy “the Loser”. Amber is claiming the prize as Tracy bursts in, followed by Link, Penny and Li’l Inez. The armed guards turn out to be Seaweed, Motormouth and the kids from the other side of the tracks. Finally entering through the front door, everybody joins in Tracy’s dance and The Corny Collins Show is officially integrated, live and nationwide. The giant can of hairspray explodes to reveal Edna making her coast-to-coast television debut in a fabulous ensemble of her own creation. The dancing crowd then turns on Velma and Amber, inviting even them to admit YOU CAN’T STOP THE BEAT.



Dick Whittington

Performed on: 3rd to 6th December 2008
Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Colin Woolmer


Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Colin Woolmer
Assistant Directors: Sally Manning
Choreographed By: Sharon Westwood
Costumes Designed By: Fiona Morgans
Stage Managed By: Matt 'Greeny' Green
Props By: Graeme and Rita Duncanson
Stage Crew:



We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

CHAIRMAN – Richard Cox, SECRETARY – Sandie Thomson, TREASURER – Elain Halloway

Teresa Hollingshead, Tina Goodman, Rachel Glover, Sally Manning, Fiona Morgans, Sharon Westwood


Dick Whittington written by Dave Simpkin


FAIRY BOW-BELLS – Jade Hollingshead
DICK WHITTINGTON – Charlotte Clifforth
CAT – Max Harwood
SELLER – Georgie McGuigan
MRS FITZWARREN – Laura Whitwell
ANTON DEC – Andy McKay
KING RAT – Zak Shrapnell
DAME DELIA – Harry Harwood
RATLING 1 – Danni Ashby
RATLING 2 – Dion Hunter
STRONG MAN – Jamie Cole
DORIS – Rachel Francis
JAMES T CHURCH – Ben Woolmer
FIRST MATE – Jack Flower
PADME – Jessie Clinch


Annie Wood, Annika Cove, Bethany Mitchell, Bryony Westwood, Helena Mitchell, Jasmine Tompkins, Lauren Wrightson, Lily Kyle, Matt Flain, Natasha Jacob


Now a traditional fairytale, Dick Whittington is based on the real-life story of Richard Whittington, who leaves his family home to seek his fame and fortune in London. In the tradion of pantomime, there is magic, evil, love and slapstick.

The show opens with Dick meeting Fairy Bow-Bells who tells him he will become Lord Mayor of London. She provides him with a boon companion – a talking cat. Dick wanders into London and immediately falls in love with Alice, the Alderman’s daughter. He also gets work from the Alderman, who charges him with the security of the Mayoral chain. This is the object the evil King Rat has his eye on, as whoever has the mayoral chain on Boxing day becomes Lord Mayor of London. King Rat orders his henchmen, the Ratlings, and Anton Dec, his general dogsbody, to retrieve the chain from Dick’s safekeeping, which they succeed in doing. The ratlings and King Rat escape London, leaving Dick, Alice, Cat and the house cook Dame Delia in despair.

Leaving London on the good ship ‘Enterprise’, Dick, Alice, Cat, and Dame Delia face terror when a storm causes the boat to capsize. They and the rest of the crew become marooned on a tropical island inhabited by what look like cannibals. However, the Queen of the Island, Padme, became vegetarian after she was ill when she ate someone who disagreed with her. Also on the island, and with evil plans to rule it and take all the treasures he can, is our old friend, King Rat. But Rats don’t like cats, and Cat soon cuts King Rat and the Ratlings down to size. Dick is able to recover the Mayoral Chain and they all return to London, ladened with many treasures from a grateful Queen, and just in time for Christmas!


DW Dress rehearsal photos 087 DW Dress rehearsal photos 081 DW Dress rehearsal photos 034 DW Dress rehearsal photos 021 DW Dress rehearsal photos 105 DW Dress rehearsal photos 050

We Will Rock You

Performed on: 20th - 23rd February 2008
Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Directors: Sally Manning
Choreographed By: Janine Sadler and Kayleigh Halloway
Costumes Designed By: Fiona Morgans
Stage Managed By: Matt 'Greeny' Green
Sound By: Viking Lighting
Lighting By: Viking Lighting
Publicity Handled By: Sue Lance
Stage Crew:

Deputy Stage Manager – Nick Horsey
Guitar – David Glover


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Special thanks to Deano, Barry and Chris at House Music for the loan of Brian May’s Guitar for this production


The Musical by Queen and Ben Elton
Presented by permission of www.schoolswillrockyou.com
Almost 35 years to the day that Queen themselves played at Queen Marys Hall – before they recorded “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The rest, as they say, is history.


Galileo Figaro – David Payne
Scaramouche – Vikki McAuley
Britney Spears – Ben Summers
Meatloaf – Tori Eglin
Killer Queen – Luannsa Goodman
Kashoggi – Nick Brannam
Pop – Jorden Maney
Cop 1 – Ben Woolmer
Cop 2 – Harry Harwood
Teacher – Lydia Thomson

Teen Queens/Yuppies:
Morgan Sadler, Lily Keep, Dion Hunter, Aimee Watts, Rachel Francis

Super Yuppie – Shiv Rabheru

Yuppies – Max Harwood, Jamie Cole, Mitchell Ferris, Matt McAuley, Evee Jacobs, Annika Cove, Emma Hygate, Vikki Elliot

Sir Paul McCartney – Andy McKay
Puff Daddy – Abbey Cargill
Charlotte Church – Charlotte Clifforth
Aretha Franklin – Jade Hollingshead
Jackson 5 – Chelsea More
Eddy Cochrane – Poppy Shrapnell
Justin Timberlake – Zak Shrapnell
Amy Winehouse – Hannah Jacob
Cliff Richard – Matt Seaward
Bob the Builder – Jessie Clinch
Madonna – Michaela Knight
Lydia Thomson and Jorden Maney


We Will Rock You tells the story of the search for music at a time when every part of life is dominated by the company, Globalsoft.

The Corporation dictates the style of music people listen to, what they wear and how they think. There is a prophesy, however, that someone will come and revive the spirit of ROCK.

Packed with Queen hits such as Radio GaGa, Under Pressure and Seven Seas of Rhye, the show has been rocking audiences for several years in London’s Dominion Theatre.


WWRY _140 showtime_044 WWRY _180 WWRY _006 WWRY _210 WWRY _224

Magical Mixture

Performed on: 31st May, 1st and 2nd June 2007
Directed By: Sally Manning
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Sally Manning
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Choreographed By: Janine Sadler, Kayleigh Halloway
Sound By: Ryan Messer and Craig Lewington
Lighting By: Ryan Messer and Craig Lewington


Emma Lack, Lily Harwood, Hattie Brannam, Morgan Sadler, Lianna Hutchins, Jasmine Tompkins,

Holly Capehorn, Izzie Stevens, Max Harwood, Louisa Hygate, Mitchell Ferris, Danni Ashby,

Laura Whitwell, Amber Hollingshead, Emma Hygate, Lily Keep, Dion Hunter, Alex Gonzato, Andrew Parramore, Jordan Capehorn, Hannah Ferris, Vikki McAuley, Tori Eglin,Jade Hollingshead, Bryony Anning, Hannah Baker, Kirsty Harrisson, Chloe Such, Andy McKay, Jessie Clinch, Becca Fagilde, Shiv Rhabheru, Lulu Goodman, Jorden Maney, Lottie Kerr, Nick Brannam.

Guitar solo – Andy Halloway


Heal the World – Full Company

Boogie Shoes (Saturday Night Fever) – Company

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Scissor Sisters) – Company

Tap Solo – Nick Brannam (and introducing Miss Morgan Sadler)

Heaven Help My Heart – Jade Hollingshead and Vikki McAuley

Get Happy – Andrew Parramore

Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake) – Boys

Don’t Ya (PussyCat Dolls) – Girls

Eidelweiss (The Sound of Music) – Max Harwood, Laura Whitwell, Guitar accompaniement – Andy Halloway

Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King) – Full Company


Thriller (Michael Jackson) – Company

Cannon Ball (Damien Rice) – Andy Halloway

Rock & Roll – Morgan Sadler and Mitchell Ferris

Fine, Fine Line (Avenue Q) – Tori Eglin

Night Fever (Saturday Night Fever) – Boys

Latin – Lulu Goodman and Jorden Maney

Do Your Thing ( Basement Jaxx) – Girls

Good Luck (Basement Jaxx) – Company

Jump (Girls Aloud) – Company

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – (The Wizard of Oz) – Dion Hunter

We Are The World – Full Company

We’re All In This Together – Full Company


We are the World Can you feel the love tonight? The Company Good Luck - Basement Jaxx Andy - Cannon Ball (Damien Rice) Jade, Lily, Shiv, Kirsty and Nick

Three Murders, A Suicide and a Near Miss

Performed on: 6th - 8th December 2006
Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Richard Cox
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Stage Managed By: Sally Manning
Sets Designed By: Darren Capehorn
Props By: Darren Capehorn
Lighting By: Matt 'Greeny' Green
Stage Crew:

Assistant Stage Managers – Craig Saunders and Becky Skelton


Announcer – Max Harwood
Iago – Andy McKay
Othello – William Sylvester
Desdemona – Lydia Thomson
Roderigo – Helen Drought
Cassio – Jessie Clinch
Clown/Brabantino – Samantha Cohen
Idiot/Duke of Venice – Tori Eglin
Bianca – Danielle Ashby
Emilia – Chloe Lewis
Tiffania – Annie Powell
Montano – Beth Harding
Lodovico – Charley Clifforth
Gratiano – Lottie Kerr


This is a musical play based on Mr William Shakespeare’s ‘OTHELLO’ and includes more up-to-date tunes such as “Tragedy”, “I predict a Riot” and “Why, Why, Why, Desdemona” – ok, it is our variation on the Tom Jones classic. This play gave the cast the chance to do Shakepeare, without the Shakespeare language.

As part of the preparation for this show, BATS Next Gen had a tour of The Globe Theatre in London, and also took part in a workshop with an actor from the Royal Shakespeare Society. As well as rehearsal photos, there are also photos of this trip, including BATS Next Gen being on the famous stage!


The crew outside the Tate Modern Bats Next Genners sitting still! The whole gang on stage Workshop 4 The company Othello is told the truth about Iago Cassio is drunk - a fight is on! I love her, and she loves me!

The Rumpelstiltskin Racket

Performed on: 1st - 3rd June 2006
Directed By: Dawn Wylie
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Dawn Wylie
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Directors: Sally Manning, Neil Brand, Shirley Ducker
Stage Managed By: Matt 'Greeny' Green


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

BATS Next Gen Committee:

Sandie Thomson and Elain Halloway


The Rumpelstiltskin Racket, written by Kjartan Poskitt


The King – Nick Brannam
Miranda – Beth Harding
Madam Inquisitor – Lily Keep
The Manikin – Ryan Messer
Professor Miller – Jorden Maney
Smithy – Jorden Capehorn
Smutt – Luannsa Goodman
Smirch – Helen Drought
The Baker – Jessie Clinch
Smudge – Andrew Parramore
Town Crier – Andy McKay


Lydia Thomson, Charlotte Clifforth, Sarah Moxley, Hayley Mackintosh, Rosie Millard, Emma Austin, Anastasia Powell, Max Harwood, Morgan Sadler, Jade Hollingshead, Laura Whitwell, Danielle Ashby, Victoria Eglin, Joseph Pike, Izzie Stevens, Emma Hawkins, Holly Capehorn, Samantha Cohen.


Professor Miller and his daughter, Miranda, have come to a local village fair to show of her ‘ability’ to spin gold from straw. The two are arrested by Madam Inquisitor, as she has suspicions there is trickery afoot and they are brought before the King. The Inquisitor awaits the flogging order, but the King has taken notice of the lovely Miranda and instead invites her to accompany him to the Royal Variety Performance. This infuriates Madam Inquisitor, who has had her sights set on being Queen. She locks Miranda in the tower and orders her to spin gold so she can expose her as a cheat to the King.

Miranda gets assistance from the mysterious Manikin, who can perform magic, but he demands a present for helping out. The straw is spun into gold when the Inquisitor returns. However, she is not convinced and locks Miranda up in the vaults this time, with nothing but her clothes, spinning wheel and yet more straw. The local press decide that the Inquisitor is being unfair on poor Miranda and decide to petition for her release.

Will the hacks get Miranda released? And what is the ultimate present demanded by the Manikin? And will everyone live happily ever after? To quote from the show “this baby sure ain’t no pantomime!”


DailySlur2 happy couple paper version ExclusiveIntrusive6 ExclusiveIntrusive2 ExclusiveIntrusive1 dance of life viables

Bats Entertainment!

Performed on: 7th - 9th December 2005
Directed By: Melanie Such
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Melanie Such
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Directors: Sally Manning, Richard Cox
Choreographed By: Kayleigh Halloway
Assistants: Neil Brand, Tom Langley, Sallie Webb, Ray Webb, Tracy Lintott
Stage Managed By: Matt 'Greeny' Green
Props By: Darren Capehorn


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:


Secretary – Sandie Thomson, Treasurer – Elain Halloway



Tonight, Matthew,

Andy Halloway, Jack Flanagan, Henry Maguire will be appearing as The Futureheads
Leanne Saunders will be appearing as Madonna
Alex Gonzato will be appearing as Freddy Mercury
Jordan Capehorn and Andrew Parramore will be appearing as Elton John and Kiki Dee (winners on 9th December)
Jorden Maney will be appearing as Michael Jackson
Kirsty Lintott, Chloe Such and Lydia Thomson will be appearing as The Three Degrees (winners 7th December)
Joseph Pike will be appearing as Tony Christie (winner 8th December)
Comperes – Phil Sampson and Helen Drought


Alex Gonzato, Andrew McKay, Andrew Parramore, Andy Halloway, Ben Summers, Henry Maguire, Jack Flanagan, Jordan Capehorn, Jorden Maney, Joseph Pike, Nick Brannam, Phil Sampson, William Sylvester, Bronwyn Willsher, Chloe Such, Helen Drought, Jodi Heath, Katy Ladyman, Kirsty Lintott, Leanne Saunders, Lydia Thomson, Samantha Cohen


The first half of the show is based on “Stars in their Eyes” where our glamourous comperes introduce stars of the future as they portray well-known groups or popstars. The audience will vote for their favourite and the winner will be announced at the end of the show, when they get to perform once more their winning act.

The second half features songs from the hit musical “Grease” and also our interpretation of more festive songs, such as “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” and “Do they know it’s Xmas”.


cast photo b

3 In 1

Performed on: 2nd June - 4th June 2005
Directed By: Dawn Wylie, Richard Cox


Directed By: Dawn Wylie, Richard Cox
Stage Crew:





We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:


Chairman – Jenny Humberstone, Secretary – Sandie Thomson, Treasurer – Elain Halloway


Three plays – one night.

Us and Them written by David Campton

Shadows written by Ellen Dryden

Whodidit? written by Neil Harrison



Spokesman A – Jordan Capehorn
Spokesman B – Samantha Cohen
Recorder – Chris Evans
Elise Cook, Jorden Maney, Harry Mills, Andrew McKay, Andrew Parramore, Joseph Pike, Leanne Saunders, Travis Sumner


Susan Strong – Vicci Elliot
Martin Strong – Jack Juniper
Anne Strong – Lydia Thomson
Erica Strong – Anna Reid
Dr Blake – Harriet Luck
The Woman – Charlotte Kerr
The Man – Daniel Forsyth


Tom Darling – Nick Brannam
Mary Darling – Anna Snowball
Tom Darling Jnr – Emily Tyson
Susan Daguerrotype – Kirsty Bennett
Gentle John – Brad Taylor
Laura Scribbles – Katy Ladyman
Mrs Meals – Helen Drought
Constable Smart/D.I. Storey – James Cox
Able Bonecrusher/Uncle – Marc Wallace


Us and Them – David Campton

A wall divides two communities. Each is aware of each other, but what is the other side planning? David Compton invites us to consider the folly of war.

Shadows – Ellen Dryden

An elderly lady sees ghosts and her family believe she is losing her mentality. But all is not as it seems – a play with a frightening twist at the end.

Whodidit? – Neil Harrison

A murder mystery that has so much fun poked at the genre that it just shys short of farce! A number of cast members take on multiple roles and is a trifle more risque – ideal for teenagers.



Performed on: 8th - 10th December 2004
Directed By: Dawn Wylie


Directed By: Dawn Wylie
Assistant Directors: Richard Bond, Catherine Banks, Sally Manning
Costumes By: Basingstoke Gang Show, BATS, Dawn Wylie and Sandie Thomson
Stage Managed By: Ian 'Spud' Smith

Bryn Hughes, Sarah Jefferey, Abigail Parsons, Rob Wilson, Emma West, Catherine Banks


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:


Chairman – Jenny Humberstone, Secretary – Sandie Thomson, Treasurer – Elain Halloway

Youth Council representative – Lee Sutherland


Sinbad – Adam Bayliss
Kashoo – Katie Long
Kaliban – Sam Wilson
Widow Duffcake – Marc Wallace
Genius – Carly Athawes
Ali Baba – Jack Juniper
Sultan Shahriar – William Sylvester
Sultana Scheherezade – Jenna Windsor
Kalendar Prince – Ben Summers
Princess Raisin – Chloe Such
Omar Kayyam – Rory Jackson
Marco Polo – Chloe Harding
Mesrour – Helen Drought
Eric the Echo – Kitty Burt
The Dragon – Brad Taylor
Baby Dragon – Samantha Cohen

Joanna Bates, Kirsty Bennett, Vicci Elliot, Harriet Luck, Charlee MacGowan, Lydia Thomson, Kayleigh Vass, Bronwyn Willsher, Reece Adlam, Nick Brannam, Charlotte Kerr, Leanne Saunders, Anna Snowball, Travis Sumner, Lee Sutherland, Murray Thomson, Connie Deadman, Katie Green, Tiffany Jackson, Clare Johnson, Katy Ladyman, Olivia Phipps, Reisha Simmonds, Jade Threlfall, Andrew Parramore, Alex Gonzato, Andy Halloway, Jorden Maney, Harry Mills, Andrew McKay, Phil Sampson.


Sinbad, an Arabian Nights Panto. A tale of courage, true love, slavery and saucepans!


In a bustling marketplace, anxious townspeople await the arrival of the Kalendar Prince – suitor to Princess Raisin. With the Prince comes the

Kalendar Stone, and some rather unsavoury characters following the stone itself. The most unsavoury of characters in Agrabah is Kaliban El Krookid,

Kaliph of Kufabad. After listening in on the Prince and Princess’s tender meeting, he has his sights on the Kalendar Stone itself, and will stop at nothing to get it.

As Kaliba parades the market, Genius the Genie comes across Sinbad the Sailor – a true blast from the past. Genius finds it imperative that Sinbad must know about

Kaliban’s wicked plans, but are they too late?

As the city falls into a deep slumber, Kaliban and his newly-found partner, Ali Baba, celebrate their triumph as Sinabd and Kashoo lie in wait. Now Sinbad, Kashoo and Genius must embark on a quest to return the stone to Agrabah and wake up the townspeople from their deep slumber.


Sinbad and Kashoo now find themselves inside a dark cave, surrounded by all manner of creepy-crawlies. However, courage reigns true and the stone is found, much to the Prince’s relief!

With the Stone safely in the hands of the Prince, the group decide to launch an assault on Kufabad Castle and bring Kaliban to justice!

Unfortunately the element of surprise is lost on our intrepid heroes, and they are caught. Hope lies in the female of the species, though, and Kaliban and Ali Baba are soon locked up.

With their quest at an end, and justice brought to Kaliban, it is time for our heroes to return home, to a most rapturous reception.


sinbad finale marc wallace on stage sinbda dress rehearsal 04 dragons sinbad 2004 chorus ben andy emma sam and phil sinbad 04 adam marc and chorus on stage dress rehearsal sinbad 04

Revue-ing The Situation

Performed on: 28th & 29th May 2004
Directed By: Dawn Wylie
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Dawn Wylie
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Musical Directors: Catherine Banks
Assistants: Richard Bond, Sally Manning, Libby Ruskell
Stage Managed By: Ian 'Spud' Smith


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Programme design and production – Chris Bale and Sandie Thomson

BATS Next Gen Committee:

Chairman – Jenny Humberstone

Secretary – Sandie Thomson

Treasurer – Caroline Bale

Members: Elain Halloway, Lee Sutherland (Youth Council representative)

And a special thanks to Richard Bond for writing all the sketches.


Chloe Such
Imogen Kent
Joe Humberstone
Ashley Rumble
Olivia Phipps
Kirsty Bennett
Stephanie Bale
Samantha Cohen
Ben Summers
Harry Mills
Oliver Rumble
Murray Thomson
Lee Sutherland
Andy Halloway
Philip Sampson
Bronwyn Willsher
Lydia Thomson
Kitty Burt
Clare Johnson
Katy Ladyman
Helen Drought
Katie Long
Brad Taylor
Nicola Welton
Charlotte Kerr
Leanne Saunders
Amy Anderson
Carly Athawes
Jade Threlfall
Joanna Bates
Victoria Elliott
Katie Green
Rebecca Reid
Anna Reid
Tiffany Jackson
Chloe Harding
Anna Snowball
Rory Jackson


The Show

Annie 1. Maybe 2.It’s A Hard Knock Life 3. Tomorrow

Monty Python – Argument Sketch

Chicago – 1. Cell Block Tango 2. Razzle Dazzle

Sketch – Young Love

Sign Language – 1. I’d like to teach the world to sing 2. Sing a Song

Sketch – We’re half asleep

Guys and Dolls – If I were a bell

Sketch – Young Love (2)

Song – Stalker Song

Madness – 1. My Girl’s Mad At Me 2. Our House 3. Baggy Trousers


Monty Python – Crunchy Frog Sketch

Rent – Seasons of Love

Les Miserables – 1. On My Own 2. Stars 3. Castle On A Cloud 4. Master of the House

Sketch – Young Love (3)

House of the Rising Sun – Three Part Harmony

Sketch – 1. Harry Potter 2. Giving Notes

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – 1. Mad Scientist Sketch 2. Roses of Success 3. Doll on a Music Box

Aladdin – Whole New World

Queen – We Will Rock You

Finale! – Grease

Sketches written by Richard Bond


normal_Annie - Tomorrow 01


Performed on: 7th November 2003
Directed By: Dawn Wylie
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover


Directed By: Dawn Wylie
Musical Direction By: Rachel Glover
Assistant Musical Directors: Catherine Banks
Assistants: Richard Bond, Justine Dunn, Sally Manning, Abigail Parsons
Stage Managed By: Ian 'Spud' Smith


We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their help in making this show happen:

Coat of Many Colours made and provided by Alison Rumble
Programme Design and production – Murray and Sandie Thomson


Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lyrics by Tim Rice.

Licensed by The Really Useful Company Ltd.

The Bats Next Gen debut performance. Many of the young performers from this show would go on to star in several other shows, and some would even go on to progress to our parent society BATS.


Joseph – Amy Anderson
Jacob – Lee Sutherland
Pharaoh – Murray Thomson
Narrators – Katie Long, Lydia Thomson, Chloe Harding, Joanna Bates
Reuben – Clair Johnston
Simeon – Anna Snowball
Levi – Ashley Rumble
Napthali – Oliver Rumble
Isaachar – Joe Humberstone
Asher – Beth Daly
Dan – Helen Drought
Zebulon – Carly Athawes
Gad – Bronwyn Willsher
Judah – Katie Green
Benjamin – Stephanie Bale
Potiphar – Lee Sutherland
Mrs Potiphar/Butler- Charlotte Kerr
Baker – Jade Threlfall
Likely Lad – Thomas Stones
Adoring Girls – Kirsty Bennett, Chloe Such, Emily Clarke, Joanna Bates, Chloe HardingCharlotte Kerr, Katie Long, Lydia Thomson, Jade Threlfall


Based on the biblical story of how one favourite son is badly treated by his jealous brothers; his banishment from his family, imprisonment in a far-off land and his meteoric rise in the land of the Pharaohs to become the ruler’s right-hand man. With music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, this was BATS Next Gen’s debut on Basingstoke’s stage.


Joseph+033 Joseph+014 Bats Next Gen Cast Joseph+024 Joseph+046 Cast photo